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We are happy to share the world of ID verification

Whether it’s the latest news, talks with our clients, valuable insights from experts in the field, facts, figures, and technological developments, the exciting world of identity document verification gives us a wide range of topics to discuss. 

What makes ePassports so secure?

Together with Greg Christopher from the UK Home Office, we discuss why we use NFC and electronic identity documents for identity verification. What makes these documents so secure and what can we expect from this technology in the near future? Martijn Oostdijk discusses the details of chip technology.

What makes ePassports so secure?

Featuring UK Home Office

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Sharing knowledge together

Organisations that contributed to our webinars

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The wide range of use cases of Trusted Identity Verification

Diversity, exploring the wide range of use cases of trusted identity verification, featuring David Lamers, Rabobank and Sylvie Vandevelde from itsme.

The wide range of use cases of Trusted Identity Verification

Featuring itsme and Rabobank

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The Value of Certification

We explain how certifications can simplify the implementation of identity verification and how audit responsibilities change under certification. Our guest Clemens Wanko from TÜV TRUST IT explains what the eIDAS module certifications are and what they prove.

The Value of Certification

Featuring TÜV TRUST IT

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