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Scale with growing demand

ReadID can scale from few to hundreds of thousands of verifications and more per day.
Effortlessly. No manual steps involved in remote identity verification.

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737.000 verifications
in a week

End of 2020, the Danish government introduced a new driving licence app, the Kørekort-appen. It is activated by scanning one’s own passport into the app using ReadID. It's a big success. 

Marcel Wendt explains how ReadID enabled Digidentity to scale their identity service for GOV.UK.

How to scale to 120.000 digital onboardings per day

Digidentity is a global online identity verification company, combining smooth usability with government-grade security. It makes online identification easier, quicker and more secure. 

In the GOV.UK Verify Programme they needed to scale up as quick as possible for their on-demand identity verification services. ReadID allowed them to do so.


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