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Capturing the photo page

Since the start, ReadID can scan the Machine Readable Zone since this contains the password (access key) to access the chip, and typing this is annoying for users. Our first generation implementation uses open source Optical Character Recognition technology for this, which did not work well. Our second generation contains our proprietary MRZ scanning functionality, with our well-known green letters to give feedback to users. This resulted in better UX, higher speed, (much) smaller SDK size and most important, higher conversion.

In line with our NFC-first vision, there are customers that need to have a backup process for non-chipped identity documents or old smartphones without NFC. In addition, there are a few use cases in which a full photo capture of the photo page is needed, for example, to have a photo of a signature. We are therefore introducing our third generation ReadID MRZ SDK, that guides and enables users to capture high-quality photos of identity documents, eliminating the need for a separate SDK for this.

We introduce our 3rd generation MRZ scanning with photo capture

It is highly configurable, for example, if there should be finger detection, if no glare is important and what MRZ check digit validations to (not) do. Of course, simply getting the access key to open the chip, without capture a photo, is one of the options. Following formal ICAO terminology, we call this third generation Visual Inspection Zone capture. We have tested with a few customers already, and it is live with one customer and in our demo apps already, with very good results.


An example flow that implements out NFC first vision and is part of ReadID now is NFC-with-VIZ-fallback. When used with an identity card it will take a good photo from the back page containing the MRZ, and based on if that identity card has NFC, will continue with NFC or ask the user to also capture the front page of the identity card, thus producing good quality captures of front and back of the identity card that can be used for a backup process with optical verification.

It is available since September 2021 to all customers. You can contact your account manager or support for more information. Since based on feedback VIZ capture may change somewhat, and to reflect that it is newer code thus more risk of bugs, we label it as ‘production beta’ for now.


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