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Through partnerships our technology is tailored to specific application areas and geographical regions. We also partner with other technology providers, such as for face verification or optical checks. 

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If you are an end customer and you have requirements that go beyond the default ReadID offering, then working with one of the ReadID partners could be a very effective solution. We have a growing eco system consisting of many partners who all have different capabilities and solution sets available to support you.

If you are interested how they might help you, then please complete the contact form below and we will determine how our partners could help you achieving your objectives.

Our ReadID partners

As told by Marcel Wendt

What ReadID means for Digidentity

Digidentity is a global online identity verification company, combining smooth usability with government-grade security.  They enable safe digital communication between individuals and the government. Seven years ago Digidentity was one of the parties that were allowed to deliver their services for the GOV.UK Verify Programme.

Watch our interview with Marcel Wendt, managing director of Digidentity


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ISO27701 certified


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In a digital world distance does not exist. But how do you realise enough trust to do business at a distance? Read more news on ReadID partnerships.


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