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Mobile & NFC-based

Trusted Identity Verification

Identity verification that is easy to use by everyone with a smartphone and an electronic identity document. Our ReadID technology is the most convenient, secure and scalable solution, exploiting the possibilities of NFC.

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“If you want to be sure that the identity document is real and is in use right now then I see no real alternative to NFC and biometrics.”

Kalev Pihl

CEO SK ID Solutions

Learn why SK ID Solutions uses ReadID

You’ll be in good company

ReadID is used by leading banks, governmental organisations, digital signature services, and many others worldwide. 

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Identity verification solutions

Accelerate towards a trusted and scalable way of NFC-based identity verification

Our ReadID technology can be used remotely as well as in face-2-face settings.
What is your use case?

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Instant and secure online self-service identity verification from the comfort of people’s homes.

Remote identity verification

Face-to-face, with trusted devices, you can verify identity documents without any knowledge of security features.

Face-to-face identity verification

Let’s talk about your challenge.

ReadID facilitates successful digital onboarding through remote identity verification. How can trusted identity verification support your business?